So yeah, i got a small original turbine rotating in my engine compartment. Last time i checked it's called a turbo.

Anyway, i stumbled upon a cool dude that had made this to his Impreza, so i thought i wanted to give it a try.
As i got an older car, i do not have any fancy places to install the display, so i got a lamphousing, removed the glass, replaced with acrylic and sanded it giving it the frosted look.
I even added a "gyro" and a barometer.
Components used: Barebone Arduino, perfboard mania :P ADXL345 BMP180 MPX4250
Cables and LED's, some more perfboard!

Hah, already gotten tired of the layout of the meter, so now i am going to remove the clock in the dashboard and replace that with the boostmeter instead.
Removing the gyro as i have noticed it is only a "fun" thing to have, nothing necessary at all! New layout would be the boostmeter in center and perhaps some leds indicating rpm and a shiftlight.
RPM indication would follow the curve of the former clock on the top left between 9 to 2 o clock. Major problem is what i could/would have between 9 and 4 o clock on the bottom?

Another Update
This car was totaled, another car crashed into mine.
But at least i saved the boost meter, to be used in a future new project.
Too bad my new car is not turbocharged :/

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